Saturday, October 25, 2008


I had a craving this morning, to watch a full-masala, no holds barred, dumb than dumber movie, in a theater. And KayKay was around as well. My immediate idea was to watch Karzzzzzzz.... I knew it could easily become torturous, given the kind of people they have as protagonists. I mean, I'm not racist and all, but how can you have a gujju hero? that too one with a punctured vocal chord that forces him to speak, nay sing with his mouth? So to my mind, it was a sure fire candidate to laugh my head off all the pressures at work over the last week. But KayKay was dead against it. He gave me a look which confirmed that he believed such movies could lead to parietal brain damage, and untwisting of the chiasmata of neural nerves in there.
And I chanced upon this ad of Aegan, playing at Arora. It's been ages since I went to Arora and a Thala movie sounded very promising... given the last few of his movies, including varalaru etc...
My immediate reaction was to call Kums, given that he's a walking movie encyclopedia and also big time Ajith fan. He was thrilled to pieces and agreed to come over with Krishna who was equally thrilled, despite the innumerable threats and conditions of not abusing us half way through the movie.
So off we went to Matunga, after gobbling up lunch. Now Arora is a one of its kind-remnant, a standalone theater, in this age of ultra-luxe suits and super clear surround sound multiplexes. A wave of nostalgia overcame me... with the smell of burnt cigarette butts and cutting tea around. I was transported to another time, some 6-8 years back... watching Speed, on the first row,with Shank in the stall, in PerinbaVilas theater in Tirunelveli. Those were the days of 10 rupee tickets, special queues for women, black tickets...
Well the movie turned out to be alright... not as bad as I expected it to be... It's a remake of Main Hoon Na.. but given my hatred for SRK and the Yashraj types in general, I didn't watch that one. So this one was pretty ok. But it carried the same thread of arbitrariness that was seen in Pachai Kili... and in Dasavatharam (to a very a large extent..) I'm kinda tired of parallel story lines now.

Well as for the movie itself, a bad villain, the heroine, 9-star, who just keeps jumping out of one bikini top- chiffon saree combo, some good actors wasted in bad roles (Suhasini, Jayaram, Haneef) all typical potboiler stuff... what I was really thirsting for actually. Ajit doesn't overact thankfully, but the two other characters (Navdeep and some hazel-eyed noodle haired guy) do very badly. Nayan is very good eye candy, better than Vallavan even, and no I'm not complaining. The music though jarring, is interesting. It's got a coupla RnB beats, a jazz song (thats the flavour for the season btw, ever since Sillenru Oru Kaadhal), a rock one (with Thala trying to do a Michael Jackson...and failing). Yuvan proves again, that he can consistently surprise us with his variety.
The direction is third rate, dialogues are bad too... and the villain is downright irritating (too much over-acting actually). Thankfully, the end is super crisp like a Dharani movie... one fight and thats the end. No preachy stuff etc...
The best part of the movie is when everyone keeps teasing Thala as a student... and he retorts... adhaan thoppai irukkunnu otthunden la... aala vidungalen

By the way, I was stunned to see a huge group of Ajit fans wearing a Red T-shirt (a reference to his movie 'Red') and hooting for every punch dialog. Well there were actually pretty few :(
I enjoyed the hooting though.. and I joined those guys some times... felt like being back in movie-mad TN again.
Apparently Aegan means unique and is another name of Lord Shiva. The movie doesn't suggest either of that in any way though.
I came back home feeling satisfied that I didn't waste a 200 buck on some brain-hurting movie.
Amen to that.

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