Wednesday, October 25, 2006

9 year old on the Stairway

Am Speechless.. hope this is not a fake!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


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this years navratri kolu pix. testing the power of the flickr-blogger collaboration!!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Serendipity... wazz dat?

Someone whom I knew well (well not any more I guess….) proclaimed this was the most beautiful word in the English language. I wonder why I never gave a damn about it… till I realized that such a word never existed in my library…I mean it must be aeons now since I chanced upon a pleasant surprise. Call it bad karma or any other but the last time I discovered anything good was when I went through my dusty CD collection and found an unheard and unseen Metallica Cunning Stunts concert video! only to discover that the second CD was corrupt. So much for good luck and all that jazz…
Consider this week’s happenings… finally after much pleading and cajoling and coaxing the Fuehrer, (my pop, who else?), agreed to upgrade our buried PC (kindly read and reflect the use of the first person plural pronoun carefully). So off we went, yours truly and his cousin, K.K., comrades in arms, to Lamington Road, the Mecca for hardware shopping. After enquiring in a dozen shops or so, we finally zeroed in on a shop and ordered for the latest config… costing more than 20grand. As luck would have it just before the guy brought a chance enquiry revealed that it did not support the hard disk that I had. Hence we had to settle for a lower config (not necessarily of a lower cost…), after much hustle and bustle we came home and screwed up all the parts. Whirrrrrrr.. started the fan on the proc…..the pc booted and soon we were screwing the BIOS et al… when the sound of the fan died out in the same fashion ( in fact a tad quicker) as it had started. That sent shivers down my spine… oh my gawd.. What if my...sorry ... 20k goes down the drain???... After much brainstorming we realized that the SMPS had failed.. so off we went to the same shop, on a Sunday that too with the skeletal services of CR… trundling through the streets of grant road which were all decked up for the Ramzan after sunset feast and we got it changed… this time having checked it well at the shop itself… but coming back realized that this was no better… in fact worse.. didn’t start at all!! See what I mean? So again I went, this time after office this time with running nose for company and got it changed, with a brand name to boot. By this time any iota of luck that I had inherited had got discharged leak an over used battery and hence the hard disk refused to boot… apparently my 160 GB hard disk has gone kaput… I had hardly used it… Now I have to go hunting for the Samsung service centre to get a replacement and also try to salvage whatever is left of my awesome collection of muzik, movies, masti ( u know what..), masala etc etc to help me left out of my mundane being.
Now you see honey, the word is not worth a place in the ‘bibliotheque’ called life coz it has simply become extinct, like a dodo, or maybe its step cousin, antipathy, be enshrined as a golden word, simply because it is a lot more common antipathy, be enshrined as a golden word, simply because it is a lot more commonplace and easy to observe.
now a days any i receive any sewuence of good news with caution and some trepidation... achaanak khuda hum par itna meherbaan kyu hoga, right?
See hun, I was right on one more count…
Seeya folks sooner, thanx for putting up with some pathetic writing skills as this will continue for one more month at least, and go back, you’ll find a coupla instances of the Prince of Serendip in the above turn of events as well. So you weren’t entirely wrong you see… no one is!!!