Sunday, July 30, 2006

Kill Phil!!

okay ppl (if at all someone comes across this one..)i am sorry for deserting my blog..too much work am working in a pvt company and so don't have much work...mee thinks an introduction of the ppl arnd me wud help...first i'll start with my department is a small one consisting of almost entirely the darker sex....not that there aren't many in the others but wateva..and the fellowship arnd me is made up of the foll ppl...gataari ( actually quite cool), dooode( a bawa wid a gujju name..),design,guj(a perfect specimen..) and skoda.all 6 of us do ultimate lukhaagiri in offie...tryin to do sumthin useful....but ending the day downing gazzallion cups of tea, lemon tea and coffee..doode is an auto freak...and keen to give GRE and fly...good for for the others they are fettered with the bond thingy to this Place....ohh!! tha very thought gives me the heebie~jeebies...well theek hai..chalta hai..will be bak!!

the above might be ultra~cliched, and ultra boring...but this is only coz sum1 has threatened me to go slow on the prose or he/she's gonna feed me to the vultures..yea i am learnin tho..and each day u can expect the blog to get worse...
p.s. Power in not when you punish the guilty..Power is when you have every justification to kill someone and you dont..Thats Power.. --Oskar Schindler