Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Suggest a book...

Though my reading has gone for a toss thanks to endless streams of assignments and projects, the following are a few books I've managed to read in the following months. They are strictly unrelated to business, strategy, management, finance and the works... (those don't count anyway)

Shadow of the wind
Catch 22
The alchemy of desire
vertigo (uggh...)
Joker in the pack (uggh... uggh...)
The hitchiker's guide to the galaxy (and the three other books that follow)
Sea of Poppies
Fight Club
Vernon God Little

(books in the pipeline... a brave new world, 1984 (reread), Choke, the curious incident of the dog in the night time

I am thirsting for a good book which is not dark, sinister, nihilistic, fatalistic, slap-stick, chick/cock-lit, preachy (please not the paulo coelho / robin sharma types) etc...
can i have a simple and light book (an equivalent of 'Little miss sunshine') which is not trash??

Help Help!


RN said...

really loved "the kite runner" the book not the movie

ofcourse there are the all time =faves that u havent mentioned - "catcher in the rye" and to kill a mocking bird" of late i think the best one i have read lately is "Things Fall Apart" by Chinua Achebe


ps i agree paulo coehlo must die

The wannabe vagabond! said...

Perfect lets start a Coelho hate club! :D

Try Leon Uris - Exodus, pretty interesting read, if you are into political thrillers.

Or try short stories, O Henry's alright. Guy de Maupassant is a good read!