Sunday, May 04, 2008

Home Away

Sure indications that you have been away from home for too long!

  • Your society watchman asks you for the house number you are visiting.
  • The dog that’s been lolling in your building compound since birth starts barking at you
  • You bump into one hell of a chick at and have no idea about her whereabouts
  • You find it difficult sitting cross legged on the floor and having dinner
  • You are informed that your cousin’s Seemantham (the Tamizh equivalent of a baby shower) is due early next month.
  • Every third person you meet on the street comments on your having lost a lot of weight (while you can swear that it’s the opposite that’s true)
  • You have stopped asking Amma whats for lunch / dinner / breakfast... you just wolf down wotever's on the platter
  • The songs 'Sweet home Alabama' and 'Mama, I'm coming home' start taking an altogetherly different perspective

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